Paintless Dent Repair

SBG Tech Auto Detail is pleased to be your trustworthy and competent dent repair in Colorado Springs CO. We are here to restore your joy if dings, dents, and other damages have blemished your vehicle and wiped out its original appearance. We believe that you deserve high quality paintless dent repair (PDR) and that’s why we have equipped our experts with the requisite skills and knowledge to offer precisely that within the shortest time possible.

As one of the leading vehicle detailing service providers in Colorado Springs, we pride ourselves in our ability to use PDR since it guarantees you the rare opportunity to restore or exceed your motor vehicle’s original value without altering the novel paint or appearance. Our experts use paintless dent repair (PDR) to remove minor dents from your car’s body. However, we also use this advanced technique to repair an assortment of damages provided the paint’s surface is intact. 

Our specialists professionally use paintless dent repair on steel and aluminum panels.

Although we can use paintless dent repair to remove a wide range of damage from your motor vehicle’s body, we commonly apply this new technique that began in the US in the early 90s to repair the following:

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How SBG Auto Detail Determines The Sustanability of Paintless Dent Repair

Our dent repair Colorado Springs customers are happy with our service due to our success rate. When you come to us, and we commit to using paintless dent repair, you have nothing to worry about since we carefully evaluate all the limiting factors before we recommend this valuable method. 

Here are the top factors that our well-trained experts can assess accurately to give you the best experience:

Paint Flexibility

We only resort to paintless dent repair if we discover that your motor vehicle’s paint is flexible. Due to the advancement of technology, this should not worry you. The majority of the modern automotive paint finishes are designed with all your repair needs in mind. For that reason, most of the customers are guaranteed successful paintless dent repair in Colorado Springs.

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Extent of Damage

Here at SBG Tech Auto Detail, we ensure you get the best experience by analyzing the extent to which the damage has stretched the metal of your vehicle. 

This often depends on several factors. However, the most common ones are the metal’s thinness, the flatness or curvature in the place where the damage took place, and the overall impact of the damage. 

As a rule, we use paintless dent repair on relatively shallow dents. In other words, we do not focus on the diameter of the dent. 

As long as the depth is within the acceptable range and the damage has not stretched the paint, we are always equipped and more than ready to resort to PDR Colorado Springs.

Paintless Dent Repair


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Paintless Dent Repair Vs Traditional Dent Repair

Our PDR specialists use a wide variety of techniques depending on the nature of the damage. We also encourage our clients to know the options that they have before they get their motor vehicles to their preferred auto repair shops. For your car dent removal or repair, you have two main options. These options are:

Unlike many dent repair companies out there, as SBG Tech Auto Detail, we have invested a lot of our resources in equipping our technicians with the ability to use paintless dent repair, which is a newer but highly efficient car repair solution. 

You should expect something significantly different from what you have seen elsewhere when you come to us for advanced dent repair. 

For services that use the traditional method, they have to refill the dent on the vehicle’s surface and, after that, choose a suitable paint color. They follow the tedious process with the hope of making the cars look as good as they were before the damage.

After the technicians find a matching color, these individuals smooth down the motor vehicle’s surface until it is ready for repainting. They then take a break to wait for the surface to dry. Consequently, they start the lengthy painting process, and after a while, you can begin to use your vehicle again. 

Today, you are still highly likely to find that many collision repair shops in your region consider this traditional method as the ideal dent repair standard.

However, we are not happy with the conventional method because it can take time which you probably don’t have, and it cost more. If you need dent repair Colorado Springs, we are here to ensure you do not face these common problems. We know that they can make your life difficult.

Our paintless dent repair process is friendly and incredibly practical. We have no unnecessary and delicate steps such as hole filling, color-matching, and many other similar ones.

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Why Our Paintless Dent Repair Is Ideal For You

Here are the reasons you should consider working with SBG Tech Auto Detail.

Faster Service Delivery

We highly recommend paintless dent repair since it is exceptionally faster than the conventional repair alternatives. In the present fast-paced world, our experts appreciate that you cannot be without your car for a long duration. As such, you not only need a repair technique that guarantees you the desired convenience but also a professional team that is focused on delivering on their promises. This includes spending a few minutes to repair your car correctly. 

While you can prevent many accidents, you have no control over nasty weather conditions. This means you cannot avoid the typical wear and tear, characterized by various weather patterns. 

Due to the convenience that PDR offers and the efficiency of SBG Tech Auto Detail, it is likely the ideal method for you if you are seeking hail repair in Colorado Springs. Like many people, after a heavy hailstorm or snowfall, you may be unsure what to do, especially when you have an emergency. With our professional and reliable support, you should give us a call when you’re in need of a hail repair on your vehicle.

More Affordable

Dent repair in Colorado Springs can be quite costly. If you choose an option that requires the expert to spend the whole day trying to figure out how to help you, you have to dig deeper into your pocket to get the right solution. If you are on a budget, you are more than capable of benefiting from PDR. 

The affordability is one of the reasons paintless dent repair is becoming incredibly popular today. Many people want to get the best service without wasting their money, and now know where to get it.

Permanent Remedy

Contrary to popular belief, we have established beyond doubt that PDR offers better quality than the traditional techniques. If you look at the paintless dent repair process, you find that its cost-effectiveness does not mean you get low quality in return. 

Our experts reshape the original metal professionally to ensure it retains the same strength that it had before. More importantly, note that SBG Tech Auto Detail offers a satisfaction guarantee. As such, whether you need hail repair in Colorado Springs or any other dent repair form, you can trust the quality even though we charge you a small amount of money in comparison to conventional techniques.

Repairs Many Types Of Damages

The common misconception is that you can only reap the most out of PDR if you have incurred minor dents and dings. While it is an excellent solution to your hail repair Colorado Springs needs, we can use this technique to solve almost all forms of damages. Our experts are trained to help you choose the best method, depending on the quality of the metal and the size of the dent. 

From our extensive experience, PDR can address the majority of these issues without any problems. Of course, you need an expert to solve more damage-related problems beyond the minor dings and dents.

Let Us Improve Your Experience

Paintless dent removal is a newer process, but we use it more than the other methods given that it enables us to repair the dents on your car without changing or modifying your original paint.

Many car owners have been struggling to prevent incidents that cause dents and dings on cars. However, they hardly achieve the goals of eliminating these types of damages. 

We advise our clients to take precautionary measures to reduce these incidents. However, we understand that you cannot control many of them. For example, you have no power over the regular wear and tear. At the same time, you cannot influence weather conditions.

By contacting SBG Tech Auto Detail, you can have a successful paintless dent repair in Colorado Springs. Our experienced and well-trained professionals are ready to repair or remove the dents and scratches without altering the color of your vehicle.

If you have any questions and need our friendly and competent experts to offer you our affordable paintless dent repair service, feel free to get in touch with us right away. We are on standby to answer your questions and offer you a memorable experience.