Paint Correction

Paint correction services are exceedingly important. As a car owner, the last thing you want to have is a lovely car with surfaces that look dull, oxidized, and hazy. Your car deserves to have a glossy, luxurious-looking surface that makes people turn their heads. For as long as you own a car and often use it outdoors, you will have to put up with the pain of fine and deeper scratches, bird droppings and buffer trails.

Paint Correction

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What Is Paint Correction?

Paint correction is a set of services that you can rely on to make sure that any scratches or patches that look dull and oxidized are eliminated. Covering them up with filler products will not truly handle the eyesore that these imperfections on the surface of your car bring to the table. The process of paint correction, unlike covering them up, involves removing a small section of clear polish or paint from the affected area using abrasive polishes, which are then reapplied and worked on with the right machinery to even out the surfaces and eliminate the scratch. 

We at SBG Tech Auto detail provide the most remarkable paint correction and ceramic coating services so that you do not have to worry about imperfections on your precious vehicle. Our auto paint correction Colorado Springs services follow these steps:

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Prepping Your Car For Paint Correction

Before we carry out our paint correction and ceramic coating services on your vehicle, we start by washing and decontaminating your car to remove any debris and loosen dirt on your paintwork. Next up, after cleaning and decontamination, we will be claying with an automotive clay bar to safely remove any contaminants that may have stuck to the surface like tar or industrial particulates. Washing, decontamination, and claying will remove particles that would inflict damage on the surface of the vehicle during the polishing stage.  

Claying the surface will also help us observe the extent of damage to ensure a better outcome. Once the particulates and debris are removed from the surface, the polishing machine will be able to move smoothly over the surface without adhering or hopping over it, leading to more imperfections.

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Polishing The Car

During the polishing stage, we use multiple polish grades, including cutting compounds to remove surface materials and finer products to refine the finish. We also measure the thickness of paint on the metal surface to avoid removing too much paint and causing irreversible damage. We also use special equipment to predict the effect of direct sunlight on the surface and check the progress of imperfection removal on the paint. 

With this special equipment, we can also identify scratches and imperfections that would be impractical to remove without removing too much surface paint or clear coat. With these types of imperfections, we minimize them as best as possible using the dedicated polisher and polishing compounds.

Our auto paint correction Colorado Springs services are the best in town, and you can rely on us to make your car look good as new. While you may attempt to fix these kinds of scratches by yourself, the outcome will not be nearly as good as if you chose a team of experienced professionals that do this every day.