Interior Detailing

At SBG Tech Auto Detail, we offer a compressive mobile detailing service that meets all your needs. We ensure you drive a spotless car, and, thereby, you can proudly say you are upholding the best hygienic practice for your vehicle. Our professional interior detailing Colorado Springs team will be at your location, whether it’s at home, the workplace, the gym, or any other place, whenever you need them.

We know that interior detailing requires a higher level of expertise and more time than exterior detailing. However, it is worth it. Imagine ever driving a car with a dirty interior cabin. We don’t want you to experience the bad odor and the operational difficulties that are associated with such a dirty interior. 

Our experts are also trained to prevent the health problems that dirty surfaces and dusty air can cause. The dirt spreads pathogens and can pollute the environment. 

Moreover, a dirty interior may cause mechanical issues and the hazy windows to obscure your view. We can help to stop this too.  

SBG Tech Auto Detail appreciates that cleaning your car’s interior involves more than using soap and water to remove the dirt. When our specialists are detailing your interior, we keep using the various efficient processes, depending on your unique requirements.

Interior Detailing

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SBG Tech Auto Detail Standard Interior Detailing Processes


Before we vacuum your seats, our team cleans the floor mats and vacuums. Our vacuum is able to reach almost all areas, including seats, rear cargo area, trunk, shelf, headliners and into the footwells. For the areas that we cannot reach through this method, we use an efficient air compressor.

Steaming & Brushing

When you want us to clean your mats and carpets, we rely on the following process to give you the best experience. We scrub your mats and successfully remove all the stains and blemishes that may have given you some headaches for an extended period. 

Our specialists also use a steam cleaner. This way, we are able to give you the best result irrespective of the nature of the blemishes and stains. Once we have finished the entire interior detailing process, we leave the carpets to dry completely to avoid many problems, including mildew and odors.

Glass Cleaning

We use glass cleaner to make sure all the glass remains sparklingly clean. This way, we ensure nothing obscures your view as you drive.

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