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Detailing the exterior of your car can make your ride look as good as new, which is why you should consider getting a professional to handle your exterior detailing needs. While cleaning your own car may sound like a great way to get some physical activity in for the weekend and save some cash, getting a professional auto service company for detailing your exterior of your car may be the better way to go. 

We provide you with exterior car detailing plus complementary services for your safety and value for your money.

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What You Can Expect From A Professional?

We offer a wide range of exterior detailing Colorado Springs services at a competitive cost, which include window cleaning, wash and wax, surface polishing, and claying to remove tar and other impurities that may have adhered tightly to your car surface and restore the paint. We also provide additional services such as paint touch-ups, synthetic paint sealant, engine washes, paintless dent repair and ceramic coating.

Our team at SBG Tech Auto Detail will pay close attention to every inch of your car, taking extra care of the metallic and plastic parts. We use detergents, tools, acid-free degreasers, and cleansers that are designed specifically for automobiles to remove oil and other particulates, so the surface of the car does not become dull. Our waxes and polishes will also give your exterior improved reflectivity and better shine.

Our thorough cleaning, restoration, and finishing services will deliver a high-value exterior appearance. We pay attention not only to your car surface but its wheel caps, windows, tires, and all other aspects of your car’s exterior. With our services, your car will not only look great, but stand strong against dirt, grime, the sun, harsh Colorado winters, and other environmental factors that can gradually ruin your car.

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Additional Exterior Detailing Colorado Springs Services We Offer:

Paint Oxidation Removal

Oxidation is common in Colorado Springs, and it often leaves patches of fading paint on your car. We can reverse the unpleasant effects of oxidation on your car seamlessly using a clay bar and polishing.

Paint Scratch Removal

Scratches are inevitable in today’s high levels of traffic or even vandalism, and your car should never have to remain in such a state. We can easily restore paint to light scratches that only affect your surface coat as well as deeper ones that ruin your car’s base coat.

Headlight Restoration

If you have foggy headlights, you need to consider getting these restored or replaced. The headlight restoration process isn’t too difficult and is overlooked far too often. It’s an underappreciated safety hazard that can be a huge problem when it gets dark. Restoration is possible in most cases.

Windshield Repair

If you have a crack or chip on your windshield, you need to have it fixed before it grows into a larger problem. Small chips eventually grow into larger cracks that can block your vision on the highway. What’s more, the more the damage, the greater the cost, so you should consider coming in as soon as possible.

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