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Sun Control

Sun Control window films reduce heat and glare while also yielding energy savings and UV protection

Safety & Security

Safety window films are thicker films designed to retain glass in frame.


Decorative window films add privacy by frosting the glass with minimal reduction to natural light.

Graffiti Protection

Graffiti Protection Film is applied to the outside of your windows to protect glass from vandalism

Architectural Finishes

Be Amazed.

SBG Detailing is Colorado’s most trusted window tinting provider. We take seriously our responsibility to provide quality tinting work and exceptional customer service to our Colorado Springs customers.

As such, we are constantly on the lookout for great products to enhance our already superb window tinting services.

Enter DI-NOC!

As 3M writes, “Why replace expensive fixtures and surfaces when you can resurface them in decorative metal, sophisticated marble and luxurious wood designs at a fraction of the costs? 3M™ DI-NOC™ Architectural Finishes let you transform your spaces with less downtime, less labor and less waste.”

What does that mean for you and your tinted windows? Read on to find out!

The finest in Commercial Window Tinting

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SBG Detailing & DI-NOC

“DI-NOC is a self-adhesive film,” 3M says, “that has the ability to conform to a variety of flat or curved surfaces to enable you to refresh walls, doors, panels, ceilings, furniture and virtually any other surface.

The 3M DI-NOC collection offers over 800 patterns, including decorative metals, sophisticated stones, luxurious woods, pure solids and abstract designs. Now with new exterior options, 3M DI-NOC allows surfaces to be refinished on site, and thus extends the useful life of architectural and design elements.”

DI-NOC Architectural Finishes create a space that commands attention. The finishes are in multiple varieties that perfectly emulate natural wood grain, stone, metal, and more. The environmental impact is much lower, and the cost is considerably lower. Not only that, the remodeling and completion process is far faster and less invasive.

As architectural surface technology improved — and as more and more of our clients began to inquire — SBG Detailing stepped up to fill the gap.

Certified DI-NOC Installation

SBG Detailing is proud to be one of the few DI-NOC-certified installers in the Colorado Springs area. We earned this certification through their intensive training program.

DI-NOC can be installed on almost any smooth surface. It can be trimmed to fit any shape, and it can be applied to flat, concave, or convex planes.

In our experience, the wood grains have been the most popular. You can see installations in fine hotel elevators, bank lobbies, commercial offices, and more. These businesses know that if any accidents or vandalism occur, it is faster, less expensive, and less invasive to replace DI-NOC finishes than to consider using wood paneling.

If you’re interested in this process and think it might work for you and your office or business space, call SBG Detailing today! Be sure to ask about our custom-install process. And remember: Our estimates are always free.

SBG Detailing In Colorado Springs, CO

SBG Detailing is a family-owned business that has built its reputation one great product and one great installation at a time. We work hard to provide you with exceptional service. Since 1998, we have been Colorado’s most trusted and most respected provider of premium window tinting for both commercial and residential properties.

With DI-NOC, we have added another extraordinary product to our robust window tinting services. We pledge to exceed the highest standards in the window tinting industry on every job we do. We like to say that we’re only as good as our last installation. We ensure this is achieved in each and every project with our friendly, knowledgeable crew of installation experts.

Get in touch with us today, and let’s see what we — and DI-NOC — can do for you!

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3M Tint - Decorative & Design

Decorative Window Film is the most cost-effective way to enhance the look of your building.

Let SBG Detailing help bring your vision to LIFE!

Decorative window film is the most cost-effective way to enhance the look of your building. With so many colors, shades and frosts to choose from – the options are only limited by your imagination!

At a fraction of the cost of decorative glass, window films bring new life to your building. Completely update and change the look of your building. Add style to your entrance or lobby. Improve privacy to offices, hallways, conference rooms and secured areas with a contemporary flair.

With our computerized plotter – we can produce nearly limitless design possibilities. We can weave multiple films into a design or work your company LOGO into a conference room wall or entrance.

If you can design it, we can help bring it to life. Don’t be afraid to ask for help – we’ve done this a few times! If you have an idea or concept you’d like to work into your project, talk to us. We can tell you what will work & what won’t. We’ll listen to what you have to say and what you want to accomplish. Then, we’ll use our experience to help make your idea a reality. When was the last time you looked at your project and said “WOW”!

There are SO many options to choose from, it’s difficult to put it down in words. Simply give us a call and we’ll bring the samples to you. We’ll show you what can be done and help you with your project. Honestly, this is the fun side of the business for us – we love doing this!

3M Tint - Graffiti Gard Protective Film

Graffiti Gard – Protect your glass instead of having to replace it.

Don’t let vandals ruin your property. Safeguard your space.

Vandalism costs businesses and homeowners millions of dollars every year. It turns away shoppers, discourages tourists, and attracts more vandals and criminals. It can intimidate neighbors and lower property values. It doesn’t matter if your property is in the heart of Colorado Springs or out in the suburbs, vandals look for new places to scrawl their signatures.
Are you tired of repainting and repairing your property? There’s a better way. Graffiti Gard film prevents damage caused by vandals and accidents. This innovative protective film is clear, durable, and removable. It acts as a defensive shield between vandals and the surfaces they want to damage.
Graffiti Gard protects the interior and exterior glass, windows, mirrors, and other non-porous surfaces such as marble and stainless steel. Apply this nearly invisible film inside your commercial building or outdoor windows and surfaces. You can protect elevators, restroom mirrors, and stalls and display windows. Graffiti Gard can be placed on any suitable surface that vandals target.

What Does It Protect Against?

Graffiti Gard is clear and nearly undetectable. It won’t detract from the appearance of your windows or other property. The film can be applied directly to almost any non-porous surface. It instantly protects against paint, marking pens, scratches, acid, and many other types of vandalism.

What Happens If My Space With Graffiti Gard Gets Damaged?

If the space with Graffiti Gard is damaged – either intentionally through vandalism or because of an accident – the solution is quick and straightforward. The film, along with the graffiti, can easily be removed. A new film can be installed at an affordable price. Adding a new layer of Graffiti Gard film is far less expensive than replacing a whole window or repainting an area.

Graffiti Gard discourages vandals from revisiting your property because you can promptly remove any signs of their work. Don’t let anyone ruin the appearance of your home or business. Guard your area with this specially formulated protective film.

The finest in Commercial Window Tinting

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3M Tint - Commercial Graphics

Would you like to grab the attention of potential shoppers for your storefront, add interest to a workspace, give pizzazz to a meeting room or entryway?

Join the hundreds of businesses who have enjoyed our professional graphic installation and custom window film design. We’ll work with you to design graphics that improve visibility and create environments that inspire.

Visual graphics installed on storefronts not only add interest, but they also create a feeling of community. An excellent example of this is Natural Foods. The fresh produce visuals and bikers on-the-go window graphics have created an eye-catching neighborhood touchstone.

The process? Call us, and we’ll set up an appointment! We’ll talk about what you want and when you want it. Our turn-around is fast and, as a family-owned and operated business, your satisfaction is our top priority.


Safety & Security

Concerned about safety or security? Armorcoat is the answer.

Glass and windows may be the most vulnerable part of your building. Safety in the workplace is top priority. Armorcoat window films help to hold window glass in place, if shattered. This treatment can reduce the chances of burglary, property damage and even personal injury.

SBG Detailing is an exclusive supplier of Armorcoat brand safety and security films. Armorcoat is a tough, resilient safety and security film available in clear or a variety of tinted versions. While standard Panorama films are 2mils thick, Armorcoat films range from 4 to 14mils. Because Armorcoat is installed with a unique mounting adhesive that bonds the film to the glass, Armorcoat provides an effective and non-obtrusive defense against intruders, accidents, explosions, and weather (helping to save lives and protect your property).

Armorcoat Delivers Added Benefits

Solar Energy & Efficiency

Using solar window film is a cost effective way to reduce energy costs

A Sustainable way to make your building more energy efficient!

Panorama solar films can reject up to 77% of the sun’s solar energy. This not only helps reduce your energy consumption, it makes your entire building more comfortable. By controlling the solar heat gain, you help balance your building (have even temperatures throughout your building). No more hot spots for the building occupants. Plus, since you’ve controlled the solar heat gain, you’ve reduced the cooling load for your HVAC equipment. Allowing your HVAC equipment to not work as hard – resulting in both less energy consumption and having your expensive HVAC equipment last longer.

With all of the computers, printers, copiers and other office equipment being used in today’s office environment, there is plenty of heat being generated. While you can’t do much about the heat this equipment produces, with Solar films you can control the heat from the sun!


Energy Analysis

Contact us for a FREE building energy analysis. SBG Detailing has several computer programs approved by the Department of Energy. These programs evaluate things like your buildings exposure, square feet of glass, type of glass – then, this computer program will project future energy savings based upon the solar film selected.

Once the projected energy savings are calculated, the program takes the energy rates and the cost of the film installation to establish your buildings Return on Investment. These computer programs and projected Return on Investment are approved by the Department of Energy.

In some cases, these approved programs can be used to qualify for various Federal and State incentive programs. We can assist you in this process.

LEED Certified Buildings – if you’re looking to qualify your building as LEED certified, window film is a cost-effective way to improve the efficiency of your existing windows. This can be done at a fraction of the cost of replacing the windows, not to mention the convenience and lack of interruption to your occupants. This allows you more funds to use in other energy savings alternatives.  Plus, Beakart Specialty films are made here in America in a CARBON NEGATIVE, LEED CERTIFIED office and plant.