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Are you looking for car paint protection services that will provide longevity and have your vehicle looking incredible? At SBG Tech Auto Detail, ceramic coating services have been one of our strongholds for a little while now. Our portfolio speaks for itself as far as the paint protection services are concerned. With the harsh climate conditions in Colorado, car paint can be significantly affected, especially if you wash your car regularly and don’t park in your garage.

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What Is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating is just like having an extra protective skin. Ceramic coating protects your car from a lot of uncertainties and, at the same time, maintains its beauty. Nanotechnology is the technological process behind ceramic coating. Often times, you’ll find car dealerships opting for ceramic coating car services because of several reasons. 

These reasons include:

Provide Protection From UV Damage

UV damage comes about due to direct sunlight on your vehicle. If your car is subject to harsh atmospheric conditions, the paint job on it wears in due time, thus devaluing your vehicle. Of course, this does not happen immediately, but after a year or so it will begin. The first thing you’ll notice is the washed-out paint and fading.

If UV damages occurs, your car starts to slowly rust. At SBG Tech Auto Detail, we keep you up to date with the best types and packages available for your vehicle in harsh and unpredictable weather conditions.

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Ceramic Coating Repels Grime

Scrubbing dirt, dust, or insects from your car is a thorn in the side. Some use detergents and chemicals to clear them off and end up discoloring the vehicle due to the chemicals’ effects on your car’s paint. Of course, with a ceramic coat on your car, dirt and dust will be seen, but washing off is a thousand times easier and with no effect whatsoever. Ceramic coating in Colorado Springs provides that protective layer that takes all the heat and still looks brand new.

It Is Hydrophobic

Simply put, our Colorado Springs ceramic coating is water repellent. The ceramic coating prevents water or ice absorption brought about due to the unpredictable climate changes. The ceramic coating prevents water from sticking to the car and helps it flow more naturally, cleaning off any dirt along with it.

It Is Durable

Unlike your regular paint job, ceramic coating car services provide paint longevity. As you already know, your paint job is not safe from vibrations. Vibrations shake up the molecular structure of the paint and make it fade overtime. To prevent such occurrences, visit us, and we’ll provide you with the best ceramic coating services that will give you peace of mind and save a lot on your regular car maintenance.

At SBG Tech Auto Detail, we provide state-of-the-art services in car maintenance. We believe that quality is not just enough in auto repairs, but awareness paired with sensitization will always deliver precision and happiness.

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