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SBG Auto Detailing

SBG Tech Auto Detail is your top auto detailing service provider in Colorado Springs. Our experienced and professional technicians perform full cleaning and finishing of all types of motor vehicles to preserve or restore their value.

We are a full-service company, which means we know your needs and do not want you to struggle when shopping for car detailers in Colorado Springs that cover all the essential detailing services. We also use the best procedures that ensure your vehicle remains in excellent condition for an extended period.

Exterior Detailing

Our objective is to clean and restore or exceed the original external condition of your vehicle. These are some of the top exterior detailing services that we offer:

Paint Care

Our experts know that your car’s paint is exceptionally delicate, and that is why we have developed a comprehensive process of cleaning the surface of your vehicle. As a reputable detailing service provider, we rely on a three-step process that protects, corrects, and cleans the paint surface. 

Here is a summary of our everyday cleaning process:

The first step involves removing all the dirt and grime. We rely on the next to remove all clear-coat contaminants, such as tar, metal particles, industrial fallout, and dust. These elements are responsible for the quick depreciation of your car, and a professional detailing service provider must develop the right way to remove them.

Once we have finished cleaning and removing the contaminants, we move to the next stage of coating the paint surface. Here, we use finishing products due to their durability and aesthetic value. Through this, we not only protect your car but also make the surface shine as you desire.

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Chassis & Wheels

Our specialists also clean the undercarriage and chassis of all types of vehicles. They do that along with the other parts of the exterior. 

When we realize that you want this service, we ask our experienced technicians to clean the areas directly under your vehicle and those inside your wheel wells and strategic suspension components, including control arms and anti-roll bars.

As we do all these, we also ensure that a plastic protestant has appropriately dressed your inner fender liners and plastic splash guards. Before we dress your wheels and tires, we thoroughly wash them to enhance their luster and mitigate the risk of corrosion and cracking.

Engine Service

Through our auto detail Colorado Springs company, we also help many car owners who have issues with their engines. Unlike many of our competitors, we recognize that the safety of your engine bay is critical to your success. On this basis, we have made it one of the core aspects of our auto detailing. 

For your engine bay to operate efficiently, we slightly mist it with water and then clean it with the approved degreaser. Once we have done that and rinsed the engine bay, we allow it to dry and then dress all the plastic, rubber, and silicone components to ensure none of them ever crack.

Lighting System

SBG Tech Auto Detail also cares about the safety and efficiency of your taillights, headlights, and exterior trim. We apply a valuable polishing compound to your taillights and headlights and adequately seal them with a quality plastic sealant. In addition, we clean all chrome trims and dress any plastic or vinyl trim to ensure they are resistant to fading and cracking. Whenever necessary, we go the extra mile and clean the chrome and other essential parts like the polished exhaust tip.



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Interior Detailing

Our interior detailing involves thoroughly cleaning the interior of the vehicle. The modern-day vehicle interiors compromise materials such as vinyl, leather, natural fibers, synthetic carpet upholstery, plastics, cabin fibers, and more. This determines the types of cleaning products and techniques that we use. 

Vacuuming is the most common way of cleaning the interior of cars. However, it is not able to remove upholstery stains. Whenever this is the case, we use steam cleaning to remove them. 

Various forms of brushes and chemicals also can be handy during the cleaning process. For nonporous surfaces, we polish them.

Depending on the car detailers in Colorado Springs that you visit, you can find several different techniques to detail your car. However, here is a short list of our standard processes that guarantee you the top results.

Why Choose SBG Tech Auto Detail?

When you need car detailing in Colorado Springs there are several reasons you should work with SBG Tech Auto Detail.

If you are an automotive enthusiast, you likely have a deep sense of personal care that you experience when you are detailing your car. You feel you are giving your vehicle the best and bond with it. Many car owners love the experience but often find working with a reputable service company such as SBG Tech Auto Detail to be the best option. Many car owners are paying experts to detail their vehicles. There is a good reason for that.

If you are still struggling to decide whether you need to do it yourself or contact a professional to help, we suggest that you take a careful look at the following benefits before you decide which path is the ideal one for you.

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1. Experience at a Fair Price

Before choosing to detail your car or pay a service, consider the amount of money and time you can spend in each of the options. Start by listing the assortment of products that you require to detail your car correctly. You may need waxes, ceramic coating products, clay bars, polishes, glaze, detailing solutions and much more, depending on the nature of the job at hand.

Each of these products can cost you a lot of money, especially if you are buying in small quantities to detail a single vehicle. Besides, if you want to buy all of them at once, you may have to dig deeper into your pockets. Think about the amount of time you spend researching the right products.

If you are a busy person or are on a budget, you may find the cost that we offer as your professional detailer significantly low.

2. Professional Quality

Proper car detailing requires more than taking a few hours to learn how to do the job. Without adequate practice and familiarity with the most effective tools and products, you may waste your time and money. As we have said, one of the reasons you need car detailing in Colorado Springs is to restore or exceed the original, pristine look of your vehicle.

By paying experienced professionals, you increase your chances of realizing your dream in return. We offer you a satisfaction guarantee. This means working with us guarantees you a quality of service worth the value of your money.

3. Enhanced Safety

Our experts take care of your safety concerns. If you improperly use some tools like random orbital polishers, you risk damaging the paint of your car. Whether you consider yourself an expert or not, if you are not sure of how to use any of your tools, it is wise you look for one of the credible car detailers in Colorado Springs to do it on your behalf. We believe that it can be too costly to try to learn how to use any of the tools on your own car.

4. Right Detailing Location

For you to start detailing your car, you must find the right location specifically designed for that purpose. The products that you need for auto detailing in Colorado Springs work in dust-free and cooler environments. Direct sunlight is enough to make your effort worthless. As such, if you do not have the right garage or it is a warm Colorado day, you may have no option other than benefit from our detailing location that has been designed with your needs in mind.

5. Stress-Free Option

Detailing involves doing a lot of work, and it may require several hours to complete it successfully. In some cases, your experience or knowledge may not matter. You have to consider whether you are in the best physical shape. 

If you have some health conditions or injuries that may not allow you to stand or bend for long hours, you likely do need not need to involve yourself in detailing. The discomfort and exhaustion may harm your health. Due to such reasons, you may find paying an affordable service to handle the work on your behalf rewarding.

Now you can decide on the best option for you. Whether you choose to do the hard work alone or work with us, what is most important is that your car is adequately detailed. With quality service, you can extend your vehicle’s lifespan and enhance the appearance for a while too.

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